Andrew McGlinchey Wesleyan

Andrew McGlinchey has risen in the ranks. In 2003 he began as program manager for Microsoft. He was one of the people in charge of Vista, which was a great success. He helped particularly with the control panel in this application as well as with the voice recognition and from there it has just gone from strength to strength.

The great Andrew McGlinchey Wesleyan is still a youngster, but having a look at the Andrew McGlinchey historical records we find that there is another person by the same name born in E Cambridge in 1868. Perhaps the Andrew McGlinchey Ancestry claims a couple of genes of a very high IQ.

Andrew McGlinchey Wesleyan, Entrepreneur
On his way to becoming an entrepreneur, Andrew studied at the university of Toronto, doing a course in artificial intelligence and cognitive science. Creating various parts of Vista alone is a huge undertaking if one thinks of how many people use windows. Although Andrew McGlinchey was working for someone else you can see he is definitely an entrepreneur because he has the ability to come up with something and transform it into something amazing. He was able to work on the product in order to make it better and easier for the end user. This particular product can probably be referred to as the Andrew McGlinchey Vista control panel because this was the man who got it off the ground. The Andrew McGlinchey “I started something” interview, which can be viewed at, tells you about the work he has done at Microsoft.

Andrew McGlinchey Wesleyan, Google
Who would have thought that when Andrew McGlinchey was working at Microsoft that he would later mover over to Google as the Senior Product manager for Southeast Asia. This is a big role to take on, especially at a major company like Google.

An Andrew McGlinchey flickr photo will give you a glimspse into the Bridging Worlds 2008 conference. His talk was mainly on the freshness of Google as well as an explanation of how the search engine ranks and covers websites by crawling them. He went behind the scenes to explain how the search engines actually work.

Of course, Andrew has other interests besides programming and dealing with people at Google. He also enjoys comics, animation, music as well as film. When he has the time he will write a couple of poems. Reading about history is his favorite topic. During his schooling days he was definitely not a computer geek. In fact he was very sporty, taking part in athletics as well as wrestling. He also took part in some of the more professional games in ice hockey. This led him going to Prince Edward Island where there was a professional hockey team in the area and he was able to get proper coaching. Here he became a coach. He won a medal for his participation in rowing, which took place in New England at Wesleyan University.

With all this sport, you would think that Andrew McGlinchey would have worked his way toward the Olympic team, but he is on a different prestigious team now.


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